The Modern Photobooth Experience

The fact on our logos, photography, prints and guest book.
 Lights, camera, amazing experience! 

          What makes The Modern Photobooth different from other photo booths on the market? Our cameras, lighting, and guest driven experience are just some of the reasons we stand above other photo booth companies. Let's start with your guests. The Modern Photobooth is completely guest driven. Our attendants will hand your guests the small hand held remote and they'll do the rest. They can take as many photos as they like. With no countdowns or touch-screens, it's easy to be as spontaneous and fun as possible. We encourage your guests to take as many photos as they can as it makes for awesome GIFs. Printing occurs while the next set of guests are in the booth, so your photo booth is always shooting. This helps reduce the time people are off the dance floor and waiting in line. 

          Next, lighting makes all the difference between a forgettable photo and a fantastic one. You and your guests are dressed in your best- capture it in state of the art lighting.
We do not rely on the venue's lighting but on our own combination of light modifiers and and sophisticated equipment.

          Finally, when choosing our cameras we purchased the best quality Canon DSLR for the photo booth.  From the ability to take 3.5 frames per second, to prints that can be printed up-to 16"X20", our cameras easily fulfill the photographic requirements of our clients.

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Guest Book

We love providing prints for each guest in our photo booth. The best part of our night is gifting our clients a guest book from their event. This guest book is comprised of each photo taken at your event. Unlike other companies, we don't cut your photos into photo strips, so your memories will be captured in a 4"x6" format. 

The Prints

When we say unlimited prints we mean it! If ten people go into the photo booth we will print ten copies so everyone walks away with a memory. We can include up to six shots on one print. (See slide show to your left for examples of layouts). Looking for larger prints? We can print photos up to 6"x9".

Custom Logos

We know that putting a personal touch on your event is of the utmost importance.  We offer our clients the ability to send us a custom logo or we will create a logo exclusively for your event. The Modern Photobooth will never brand your photos with our logo.

iPad E-mail

When The Modern Photobooth created an instant email option for guests, we had two goals: one, have a separate email station so the next group could get in the photo booth right away. Two, keep the interface simple and user friendly. We accomplished both with iPad email. The emailing process is simple: guests take their photos, step out of the booth where the iPad is set, select their photos and email them. Guests can email up 5 photos at a time. At the bottom of every email there is a link to all of the photos taken at the event. If there is any confusion or assistance needed there is always a attendant there to assist and answer questions.

Enclosed or Open Photobooth- The Option is Yours

The Modern Photobooth knows our clients love options. We allow our clients to choose between an open or closed photo booth. A closed photo booth allows your guests to enjoy a little more spontaneity and privacy. Whether open or closed, The Modern Photobooth is a guaranteed hit!


GIFs are a modern, fun take on your photos! Creating GIFs in our booth is easy. Shoot your photos and select "make GIF" when emailing yourself.
 Availability is subject to package selection.