The Facts

We have captured over 100,000 photos year to date from Long Island to New York City.

The Booth

Can hold up to 20 people

The optimal space for The Modern Photobooth is 10 feet X 10 feet. For smaller venues the booth maybe reduced in size to as little as 4 feet X 6 feet

Selection of no curtains (open-air), or white

Standard provides a clean white background

From solid white to amazing prints

No matter what size booth you choose, we can accommodate your background selection

Completely Guest Driven

Give your guests the small remote and they can take as many photos as they like

The Prints

Ours are the highest quality prints you will find from any photo booth company

When we say unlimited we mean it. When 10 People go into the booth we will print 10 photos plus an extra for the guest book

All prints are 4"x6". Perfect for favors and frames at home

Average event prints over 500 photos

Guest Book

An awesome collection of photos and notes in a book for you to take home the night of your event

Guest Book photos are full 4"X6" Photos

iPad Email Station

Separate station keeps the guest flow moving

Custom Logo

On every photo

Design your own or use one of ours

High Resolution Drop Box Link

Prints size up to 16"X20


At least one super friendly photobooth attendant

Trained to handle all aspects of the photobooth

Lights, Camera, Amazing!

Highest End Canon SLR's, means awesome prints at any size

Amazing lighting keeping your guests looking their best

Proudly Serving Long Island, New York City and Westchester County.

The Modern Photobooth will not charge a travel, set-up, or breakdown fee for events on Long Island, in New York City or Westchester County. 
We will gladly travel to other places, but there may be a travel fee for other locations.