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Offering corporate event packages from New York City to Los Angeles
We offer step and repeat photos with remote printing or complicated set designs and lighting. Let us help you produce your next corporate event. 

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Unlimited Photos  
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Professional Photographer or Guest Driven Experience
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Step and Repeat Photo Shoots
Fast Paced Capture and Print
VIP Step and Repeat Photography with immediate off site printing

Case Study 1
Integrate a Step and Repeat style meet and greet that includes a three-dimensional set. 
Photographer Driven, Remote Printing, 2 iPad stations, meet and greet area clear of clutter to facilitate quick interaction with keynote speaker and guest, professionally light a three-dimension set.

Case Study 2
Create a fast paced photo booth experience where guests meet and take a photo with high profile guests. 
Photographer driven, high guest count with limited time, remote printing with multiple print stations, multiple iPad stations in various locations of event space.

Case Study 3
Photograph, print and share 1500 Employee engagement session. Organization employees capture photos with fellow co workers. Create a photo environment where employees can interact with each other and share printed photos with little wait times and multiple iPad stations. 
Remote printing location with fast moving group photo photography.