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When envisioning the layout for a special occasion or event many party organizers or families Read More.

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At the Modern Photo Booth, we are so busy serving our wonderful clients throughout the year Read More.

Motion Pictures

There's only one thing better than having photographs to document a special event or party... that's having a movie of that event. Motion Pictures.

Go Loco with Your Logo

The Modern Photobooth is all about allowing our clients to enjoy a unique experience by putting their stamp on their event and on their pictures. Go Loco with Your Logo.

Background Bonanza

Every good photographer knows the background is just as important as the foreground when setting up a scene or pose for a picture. The perfect background compliments your subject(s); it allows your subject to stand out or "pop." read more

It's All About That Lighting!

As any good photographer knows, your pictures are only as good as your lighting. How many times have you seen poor lighting turn your photographs, your friends' photographs or even a TV show or movie into a blob of darkened, unidentifiable shapes? read more

Unlimited Photos and Prints

Unlimited. It's a word you don't hear very often in connection with Long Island photo booth rental companies. read more